Sunday, July 8, 2012

What is JDBIF©?

What is JDBIF©?
Joker's Dragon BTC Investment Fund (JDBIF©) is the new option for your BTC to grow safe and constantly.
We use a complex full trading system, actually on version 4.0, which works with many virtual and real crypto/non-crypto currencies on many exchanges 7/24/356 all over the world, to delivery the best risk/profit relationship to the Fund and our clients.

How it Works?
The jokersdragon© algorithm used in JDBIF© trade system is a real revolution in the market, fruit of years of search, investment, refinement, and advanced math applied to the real-time market data on last 6 months. Even with the great results we already reached, and since we offer the best risk/profit relationship possible at the market, we gonna use/test this algorithm for more 6 months, until we have 200% guarantee it works very well, to consider the product ready for maket.

What is the return tax?
The JDBIF© will offer a 20% free-tax return per month, to any pioneer investor, and then 15% free-tax return per month to non-early adopters.

There is some risk to me, as investor?
At the moment, the only real risk its a full BTC economy collapse, what seems so improbable at the moment. We are taking more 6 months of use/test conditions, to offer 200% guarantee back, since we actually offer 100% guarantee back, even in a case of a full BTC collapse. Guarantee also includes your profit, for sure: +20% for early adopters, and +15% for others.

I forgot to cash out my profit, what happens?
The JDBIF© will keep your profit safe, to re-invest in our fund or to cash it out, at any time. And your initial investment continue to grow, so you won't lose time, effort or opportunities. But keep an eye on end of month, since first days will be the best to cash out, or keep one more month with us for more profit. Dividens will be deposited every first day of every month.

And how I cash all it out?
The dividends(profit) will be avaliable as BTCs at any time, and to get your full investment back, you just sell all your stocks to our guarantee buy order. If your amount is higher than the order amount, just email us, so we can cash out your btcs from the trade system and put in the buy order to execute your sell order completly.

OK, sounds good, so how can I invest in JDBIF?
The only way to invest in JDBIF© right now is buying shares (stocks) from our Fund at cryptostocks. We are doing our first public release (1st IPO) with a limited number of shares to our early adopters. After this 6 months initial phase, next adopters will not get this bonus and probably will pay more for a single stock. Be warned this bonus will be lifetime valid to the early adopters and not restricted to the first 6 months of the Fund. So being a pioneer is a huge advantage to make your capital grows strongly. 
Since you made your investment, every month, you will comfortable receive your profit in the form of dividends throught your cryptostocks account. Then you can choose to re-invest to grow capital, or to spend it out on your own way. Thanks for choosing JDBIF© for your investments portfolio.

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